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info stack, backtrace, where

This command displays a numbered list of the calling stack frames including the function names and source line numbers. You can use set backtrace to control the default call stack display settings.


Each frame is assigned a number that increases from the bottom frame (zero) through the call stack to the top frame that is the start of the application.


info stack [ n | -n] [full]

backtrace [ n | -n] [full]

where [ n | -n] [full]



Specifies n frames from the bottom of the call stack.


Specifies n frames from the top of the call stack.


Specifies the additional display of local variables.


info stack                    # Display call stack
backtrace -5                  # Display top 5 frames of the call stack
backtrace full                # Display call stack including local variables
where                         # Display call stack