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set debug-from

This command specifies the address of the temporary breakpoint for subsequent use by the start command. If you do not specify this command then the default value used by the start command is the address of the global function main().


set debug-from expression



Specifies an expression that evaluates to an address. The expression is only evaluated when the start command is processed, therefore, you can refer to symbols that might not exist yet but might be made available in the future. You can use the debugger variable $entrypoint to refer to the entry point for the currently loaded image.


set debug-from *0x8000          # Set start-at setting to address 0x8000
set debug-from *$entrypoint     # Set start-at setting to address of $entrypoint
set debug-from main+8           # Set start-at setting to address of main+8
set debug-from function1        # Set start-at setting to address of function1