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set flash-buffer

This command defines a region of RAM memory for use as a buffer when programming flash memory. The memory range is written to as part of flash programming, and the original content is not restored afterwards.

The minimum size of buffer is dependent on the flash algorithm in use. In general, it must be sufficient to hold the code and data required by the flash algorithm, a small stack, and at least one flash block. For best performance, provide as much RAM as possible.

When defining the memory range you need to consider whether the RAM you want to use requires configuring prior to use. If configuration is required, you can write the necessary configuration data as a script file and run it through the debugger prior to flash programming. See the hardware documentation for more information.


To use this feature you must have a valid ARM® Compiler license file.


set flash-buffer start_address end_address



Specifies the start address of the flash buffer.


Specifies the inclusive end address of the flash buffer.

Addresses must be four-byte aligned.


set flash-buffer 0x48000000 0x48001FFF       # Set flash buffer