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This command loads symbols from shared libraries. Be aware that it can only load symbols for shared libraries that are already loaded by the application.


You must launch the debugger with --target_os command-line option before you can use this feature. In Eclipse this option is automatically selected when you connect to a target using gdbserver.


sharedlibrary [expression]



Specifies a library path or a wildcard expression. You can use wildcard expressions to enhance your pattern matching.

If no expression is specified then the symbols from all shared libraries are loaded.


sharedlibrary                 # Load symbols from all shared libraries
sharedlibrary m*              # Load symbols matching path starting with m
                              # (use when set wildcard-style=glob)
sharedlibrary .*my_lib[0-9]+  # Load symbols matching path that ends with my_lib
                              # followed by a number(use when set wildcard-style=regex)