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1.3.192 start

Sets a temporary breakpoint, calls the debugger run command, and then deletes the temporary breakpoint when it is hit. By default, the temporary breakpoint is set at the address of the global function  main().

You can use the set debug-from command to change the breakpoint location. If the breakpoint location cannot be found then the breakpoint is set at the image entry point.

This command records the ID of the breakpoint in a new debugger variable, $n, where n is a number. If $n is the last or second-to-last debugger variable, then you can also access the ID using $ or $$, respectively.


Control is returned as soon as the target is running. You can use the wait command to block the debugger from returning control until either the application completes or a breakpoint is hit.


start [args]



Specifies the command-line arguments that are passed to the main() function in the application using the argv parameter. The name of the image is always implicitly passed in argv[0] and it is not necessary to pass this as an argument.

Example 1-195 Examples

start                                   # Start running the target to the
                                        # temporary breakpoint.

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