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1.3.130 set case-insensitive-source-matching

Controls the case sensitivity of debugger file matching operations.


set case-insensitive-source-matching [off|on]



Specifies case sensitive file matching. This is the default.


Specifies case insensitive file matching. This is useful if the file paths or filenames in the debug data have a different case to those in the filesystem.

Example 1-133 Examples

# By default the debugger performs case sensitive file matching.
# Assume that the debug data contains the filename main.c.
break -p "C:/example/Main.c":2              # This fails because Main.c does not match main.c.
! Breakpoint 8 has been pended
! No compilation unit matching "C:/example/Main.c" was found.

set case-insensitive-source-matching on     # case insensitive matching.
break -p "C:/EXAmple/Main.c"                # This file matching operation succeeds.
Breakpoint 9 at S:0x000080A8
    on file main.c, line 2

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