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1.3.141 set escapes-in-filenames

Controls the use of special characters in paths.


set escapes-in-filenames off|on



Specifies that a backslash in a path is treated as a directory separator (with the exception that it can be used to escape spaces). For example:

C:\test\ file.c

The first backslash is treated as a separator followed by a t, not an escape sequence representing the tab character. The second backslash escapes the space.

This is the default.


Specifies that a backslash is to be treated as part of an escape sequence to indicate that the character following is a special character. For example:


The backslash in this example is a directory separator and must be identified as a special character.

Example 1-144 Examples

set escapes-in-filenames on      # Use backslash as an escape character in paths

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