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enable breakpoints

Enables one or more breakpoints or watchpoints by number.


enable [breakpoints] [number...]



Specifies the breakpoint or watchpoint number. This is the number assigned by the debugger when it is set. You can use info breakpoints to display the number and status of all breakpoints and watchpoints.


Multiple-statements on a single line of source code are assigned sub-numbers, for example n.n. You can specify all multiple-statement breakpoints by specifying n.0 or individually by specifying  n.n .

If no number is specified then all breakpoints and watchpoints are disabled.


The breakpoints sub-command is optional.

Example 1-38 Examples

enable breakpoints 1           # Enable breakpoint number 1
enable breakpoints 1 2         # Enable breakpoints number 1 and 2
enable breakpoints             # Enable all breakpoints and watchpoints
enable breakpoints $           # Enable the breakpoint whose number is in the
                               # most recently created debugger variable