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Performs a reset on the target. The exact behavior of the reset command is dependent on the debug agent and the target.

For example:

  • A debug agent can be configured to reset the target in different ways.

  • The position of the switches on the target.

  • A gdbserver connection can be configured to restart gdbserver and run scripts.

For more information, see the documentation for your target or debug agent.


reset does not affect the symbols loaded in the debugger. Registers and memory might contain different values after a reset.


reset [key]



Specifies the reset key. The reset capabilities are target dependent and might not all be enabled. You can use info capabilities to display a list of capability settings for the target device that is currently connected to the debugger.

Possible options for the reset key are:


Application restart.


General hardware reset that is not specific to a bus or processor.

If no key is specified then the first enabled reset capability is performed.

Example 1-117 Examples

reset                             # Performs the first enabled reset capability
reset app                         # Performs an application restart
reset system                      # Performs a general hardware reset
reset bus                         # Performs a bus reset
reset jtag                        # Performs a JTAG (nTRST) reset