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trace dump

Dumps raw trace data to a directory, along with target trace configuration metadata, from a trace capture device or a trace source.


trace dump output_path [-option] [trace_capture_device|trace_source]...



Specifies the destination of the trace dump. It creates a directory named output_path. It creates the metadata and trace data within this directory. It generates an error if this directory already exists.

Note If you specify a folder name only or a relative path, then it creates the output directory in, or relative to, the current working directory.
Dumps raw data. Raw data is the captured trace data with trace device specific formatting. The raw option only applies to trace capture devices.

Suppresses the metadata.


Suppresses the trace data.


Specifies the maximum file size (in bytes) of the trace data files generated by the trace dump command. If the size of the file exceeds this amount, a new trace data file is generated. Specify -1 to keep trace data in a single file. Default value is 1073741824. Minimum value is 65536.


Specifies the trace capture device.


Specifies a trace source.

  • If no trace_capture_device or trace_source is specified, then all trace capture device buffers are dumped.

  • If a trace capture device is specified and a trace source from that device is also specified then the trace data for that source will be dumped twice. Once within the complete buffer for the device and again as a dump of just the specified trace source.

Example 1-211 Examples

trace dump TraceDump
# Creates a directory named TraceDump.
# Dumps the buffers of all active trace capture devices into TraceDump,
# along with the metadata describing them.

trace dump TraceDump ETB
# ETB is the name of a trace capture device.
# Dumps the contents of the ETB buffer to TraceDump.

trace dump TraceDump DSTREAM -raw
# DSTREAM is the name of a trace capture device.
# Dumps the contents of the DSTREAM buffer to TraceDump in raw format.

trace dump TraceDump PTM_1
# PTM_1 is the name of a trace source.
# Extracts the trace data for PTM_1 from the trace device buffer
# and dumps it to TraceDump.

trace dump TraceDump ETB -no_metadata
# Dumps the contents of the ETB buffer to TraceDump, but does not write the metadata.

trace dump TraceDump ETB -no_tracedata
# Writes the metadata for ETB in TraceDump, but does not write the trace data.

trace dump TraceDump ETB -no_tracedata -no_metadata
# Creates an empty directory named TraceDump.