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usecase help

Displays help for a use case script.

The command prints information about the use case script and gives a list of the options that can be provided when invoking the script.


usecase help [flag] script_name [entry_point]



Name of the use case script to print help for.


Specifies the location of the use case script. This can be one of:


The directory associated with the current platform in the DS-5 Configuration databases.


The Scripts\usecase directory in the DS-5 Configuration databases.


Specifies a named entry point in the use case script. If there is only one entry point defined in the use case script, it is not necessary to specify the entry point on the command line. If the use case script contains more than one entry point, then you must specify which one to use, as a parameter to this command.

Example 1-221 Examples

usecase help                    # Print help for from the current working directory
usecase help -p              # Print help for from the current platform directory
usecase help mainOne     # Print help for the mainOne entry point in
usecase help mainTwo     # Print help for the mainTwo entry point in