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Updates the properties of an existing watchpoint.


watch-set-property number property



Specifies the watchpoint number. This is the number assigned by the debugger when it is set. You can use info watchpoints to display the number and status of all watchpoints.


Specifies the property to set. The valid properties are:

if [expression]

Specifies an expression that is evaluated when the watchpoint is hit. If the value of the expression evaluates to true, then the debugger stops the target, otherwise execution resumes. If no expression is specified then the watchpoint condition is deleted.

data-width [bits]

Specifies the width to watch at the given address, in bits. Accepted values are: 8, 16, 32, and 64 if supported by the target. This parameter is optional.

The width defaults to:

  • 32 bits for an address.

  • The width corresponding to the type of the symbol or expression, if entered.

Other target-dependent properties

This command supports other properties depending on your target. Use the info watchpoints capabilities command to display a list of properties that you can use for the current connection.

Example 1-226 Examples

watch-set-property 4 if myVar1 == 2   # Update the 'if' property of watchpoint 4,
                                      # meaning the watchpoint will only be hit if
                                      # myVar1 evaluates to 2