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List of all the DS-5 Debugger commands that provide information on the Memory Management Unit.

mmu list tables

Lists the available translation tables and their associated parameters.

mmu list translations

Lists the available translations and their associated parameters.

mmu list memory-maps

Lists the available memory maps and their associated parameters.

mmu print

Prints the contents of a translation table.

mmu translate

Performs translations between virtual and physical addresses.

mmu memory-map

Prints the memory map.

set mmu use-cache-for-phys-reads

Instructs the debugger to, where possible, ensure that the translation table entries it reads from physical memory are coherent with the contents of data caches.

show mmu use-cache-for-phys-reads

Displays the MMU setting that controls the coherency between translation table memory reads and cache data.

Enter help followed by a command name for more information on a specific command.