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List of all the DS-5 Debugger commands that enable you to control the default debugger settings.


set is an alias for set variable.

set arm

Controls the behavior of the debugger when selecting the instruction set for disassembly and setting breakpoints.

set auto-solib-add

Controls the automatic loading of shared library symbols.

set backtrace

Controls the default behavior when using the  info stack command.

set blocking-run-control

Controls whether run control operations such as stepping and running are blocked until the target stops or released immediately.

set breakpoint

Controls the automatic behavior of breakpoints and watchpoints.

set case-insensitive-source-matching

Controls the case sensitivity of debugger file matching operations.

set debug-agent

Sets an internal configuration parameter for the debug agent.

set debug-from

Specifies the address of the temporary breakpoint for subsequent use by the start command.

set directories

Defines additional directories to search for source files.

set dtsl-options

Sets a parameter in the DTSL configuration.

set dtsl-temporary-directory

Specifies the path for the temporary directory to store trace data.

set elf cache-uninitialized-sections

Controls whether the debugger caches uninitialized sections.

set elf load-segments-at-p_paddr

Enables loading to the specified load offset + p_paddr when loading segments of ELF images to the target.

set elf zero-extra-segment-bytes

Enables zeroing of bytes from p_filesz to p_memsz when loading segments of ELF images to the target.

set endian

Specifies the byte order for use by the debugger.

set escape-strings

Controls how special characters in strings are printed on the debugger command-line.

set escapes-in-filenames

Controls the use of special characters in paths.

set listsize

Modifies the default number of source lines that the list command displays.

set mmu use-cache-for-phys-reads

Instructs the debugger to, where possible, ensure that the translation table entries it reads from physical memory are coherent with the contents of data caches.

set os

Controls Operating System (OS) settings in the debugger. An OS-aware connection must be established before you can use this command.

set overlays enabled

Enables or disables overlay support.

set print

Controls the current debugger print settings.

set semihosting

Controls the semihosting settings in the debugger.

set solib-search-path

Specifies additional directories to search for shared library symbols.

set step-mode

Controls the default behavior of the step and steps commands.

set stop-on-solib-events

Controls whether the debugger stops execution when a shared object is loaded or unloaded.

set substitute-path

Modifies the search paths used by the debugger when it executes any of the commands that look up and display source code.

set sysroot, set solib-absolute-prefix

Specifies the system root directory to search for shared library symbols.

set trust-ro-sections-for-opcodes

Controls whether the debugger can read opcodes from read-only sections of images on the host workstation rather than from the target itself.

set variable

Evaluates an expression and assigns the result to a variable, register or memory.

set wildcard-style

Specifies the type of wildcard pattern matching you can use for examining the contents of strings.

Enter help followed by a command name for more information on a specific command.