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The vector table

All ARM systems have a vector table. The vector table does not form part of the initialization sequence, but it must be present for any exception to be serviced. It must be placed at a specific address, usually 0x0. To do this you can use the scatter-loading +FIRST directive, as shown in the following example.

ROM_LOAD 0x0000 0x4000{
  ROM_EXEC 0x0000 0x4000      ; root region
    vectors.o (Vect, +FIRST)  ; Vector table
    * (InRoot$$Sections)      ; All library sections that must be in a
                              ; root region, for example, __main.o,
                              ; __scatter*.o, __dc*.o, and * Region$$Table
  RAM 0x10000 0x8000
    * (+RO, +RW, +ZI)         ; all other sections

The vector table for the microcontroller profiles is very different to most ARM architectures.