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Inline assembler function calls and branches in C and C++ code

The BL and SVC instructions of the inline assembler enable you to specify three optional lists following the normal instruction fields. These instructions have the following format:

SVC{cond} svc_num, {input_param_list}, {output_value_list}, {corrupt_reg_list}
BL{cond} function, {input_param_list}, {output_value_list}, {corrupt_reg_list}


The SVC instruction used to be named SWI. The inline assembler still accepts SWI in place of SVC.

If you are compiling for architecture 5TE or later, the linker converts BL function instructions to BLX function instructions if appropriate. However, you cannot use BLX function instructions directly within inline assembly code.

The lists are described in the following topics:


  • The BX, BLX, and BXJ instructions are not supported in the inline assembler.

  • It is not possible to specify the lr, sp, or pc registers in any of the input, output, or corrupted register lists.

  • The sp register must not be changed by any SVC instruction or function call.