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About trapping integer division-by-zero errors with __aeabi_idiv0()

You can trap integer division-by-zero errors with the C library helper function __aeabi_idiv0() so that division by zero returns some standard result, for example zero.

Integer division is implemented in code through the C library helper functions __aeabi_idiv() and __aeabi_uidiv(). Both functions check for division by zero.

When integer division by zero is detected, a branch to __aeabi_idiv0() is made. To trap the division by zero, therefore, you only have to place a breakpoint on __aeabi_idiv0().

The library provides two implementations of __aeabi_idiv0(). The default one does nothing, so if division by zero is detected, the division function returns zero. However, if you use signal handling, an alternative implementation is selected that calls __rt_raise(SIGFPE, DIVBYZERO).

If you provide your own version of __aeabi_idiv0(), then the division functions call this function. The function prototype for __aeabi_idiv0() is:

int __aeabi_idiv0(void);

If __aeabi_idiv0() returns a value, that value will be used as the quotient returned by the division function.

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