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Expansion of inline assembler load and store instructions

The LDM, STM, LDRD, and STRD instructions might be replaced by equivalent ARM instructions. In this case the compiler outputs a warning message informing you that it might expand instructions. The warning can be suppressed with --diag_suppress.

Inline assembly code must be written in such a way that it does not depend on the number of expected instructions or on the expected execution time for each specified instruction.

Instructions that normally place constraints on pairs of operand registers, such as LDRD and STRD, are replaced by a sequence of instructions with equivalent functionality and without the constraints. However, these might be recombined into LDRD and STRD instructions.

All LDM and STM instructions are expanded into a sequence of LDR and STR instructions with equivalent effect. However, the compiler might subsequently recombine the separate instructions into an LDM or STM during optimization.