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__ssat intrinsic

This intrinsic inserts an SSAT instruction into the instruction stream generated by the compiler.

It enables you to saturate a signed value from within your C or C++ code.


int __ssat(int val, unsigned int sat)



Is the value to be saturated.


Is the bit position to saturate to.

sat must be in the range 1 to 32.

Return value

The __ssat intrinsic returns val saturated to the signed range -2sat-1 ≤ x ≤ 2sat-1 -1.


The compiler does not recognize the __ssat intrinsic when compiling for a target that does not support the SSAT instruction. The compiler generates either a warning or an error in this case, depending on the source language:

  • In C code: Warning: #223-D: function "__ssat" declared implicitly.
  • In C++ code: Error: #20: identifier "__ssat" is undefined.

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