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Prefix letters in compiler diagnostic messages

The compilation tools automatically insert an identification letter to diagnostic messages.

The following table shows the prefix letters used by the compilation tools. Using these prefix letters enables the tools to use overlapping message ranges.

Table 1. Identifying diagnostic messages
Prefix letter Tool
C armcc
A armasm
L armlink or armar
Q fromelf

The following rules apply:

  • All of the compilation tools act on a message number without a prefix.

  • A message number with a prefix is only acted on by the tool with the matching prefix.

  • A tool does not act on a message with a non-matching prefix.

Therefore, the compiler prefix C can be used with --diag_error, --diag_remark, and --diag_warning, or when suppressing messages, for example:

armcc --diag_suppress=C1287,C4017 ...

Use the prefix letters to control options that are passed from the compiler to other tools, for example, include the prefix letter L to specify linker message numbers.

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