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Manually specifying the filename and location of a Precompiled Header (PCH) file

You can manually specify the filename and location of PCH files for the compiler to create and use.


Support for Precompiled Header (PCH) files is deprecated from ARM Compiler 5.05 onwards on all platforms. Note that ARM Compiler on Windows 8 never supported PCH files.

Use the following compiler command-line options to specify PCH filenames and locations:

  • --create_pch=filename

  • --pch_dir=directory

  • --use_pch=filename

If you use --create_pch or --use_pch with the --pch_dir option, the indicated filename is appended to the directory name, unless the filename is an absolute path name.


If multiple options are specified on the same command line, the following rules apply:

  • --use_pch takes precedence over --pch.

  • --create_pch takes precedence over all other PCH file options.