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Suppressing Precompiled Header (PCH) file processing

To suppress PCH file processing, use the #pragma no_pch directive in the primary source file.


Support for Precompiled Header (PCH) files is deprecated from ARM Compiler 5.05 onwards on all platforms. Note that ARM Compiler on Windows 8 never supported PCH files.

You do not have to place this directive at the beginning of the file for it to take effect. For example, no PCH file is created if you compile the following source code with armcc --create_pch=foo.pch myprog.c:

#include "xxx.h"
#pragma no_pch
#include "zzz.h"

If you want to selectively enable PCH processing, for example, subject xxx.h to PCH file processing, but not zzz.h, replace #pragma no_pch with #pragma hdrstop, as follows:

#include "xxx.h"
#pragma hdrstop
#include "zzz.h"
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