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Informs the compiler that the function does not return. The compiler can then perform optimizations by removing code that is never reached.


This attribute has the GNU-style equivalent __attribute__((noreturn)).

If the function reaches an explicit or implicit return, __declspec(noreturn) is ignored and the compiler generates a warning:

Warning:  #1461-D: function declared with "noreturn" does return


Use this attribute to reduce the cost of calling a function that never returns, such as exit().

Best practice is to always terminate non-returning functions with while(1);.


__declspec(noreturn) void overflow(void); // called on overflow
int negate(int x) 
    if (x == 0x80000000) overflow();
    return -x;

void overflow(void)
    __asm {
        SVC 0x123; // hypothetical exception-throwing system service
    while (1);
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