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__breakpoint intrinsic

This intrinsic inserts a BKPT instruction into the instruction stream generated by the compiler.

It enables you to include a breakpoint instruction in your C or C++ code.


void __breakpoint(int val)



is a compile-time constant integer whose range is:

0 ... 65535

if you are compiling source as ARM code

0 ... 255

if you are compiling source as Thumb code.


The compiler does not recognize the __breakpoint intrinsic when compiling for a target that does not support the BKPT instruction. The compiler generates either a warning or an error in this case, depending on the source language:

  • In C code: Warning: #223-D: function "__breakpoint" declared implicitly.
  • In C++ code: Error: #20: identifier "__breakpoint" is undefined.

The undefined instruction trap is taken if a BKPT instruction is executed on an architecture that does not support it.


void func(void)