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Specifies the locale for source files.





is the new default locale.

Use this option in combination with --multibyte_chars.


If you do not specify this option, the system locale is used.


The locale name might be case-sensitive, depending on the host platform.

The permitted settings of locale are determined by the host platform.

Ensure that you have installed the appropriate locale support for the host platform.

Note If the source file encoding is UTF-8 or UTF-16, and the file starts with a byte order mark then the compiler ignores the --locale and --[no_]multibyte_chars options and interprets the file as UTF-8 or UTF-16.


To compile Japanese source files on an English-based Windows workstation, use:

--multibyte_chars --locale=japanese

On a UNIX workstation use:

--multibyte_chars --locale=ja_JP
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