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Architecture support for NEON and VFP

The NEON extension is optionally available only for the ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R architectures. All NEON instructions, with the exception of half-precision and fused multiply-add instructions, are available on systems that support NEON. Some of these instructions are also available on systems that implement VFP extension without NEON. These are called shared instructions.

Most VFP and the shared instructions are available in all versions of the VFP architecture. Where this is not true, the descriptions of the instructions specify the applicable VFP architecture versions.

VFPv3 has variants that do not support all VFPv3 registers and floating-point data types. VFPv3 with half-precision extension and fused multiply-add extension is called VFPv4. For details of the implemented VFP architecture and variant, you must always refer to the appropriate product documentation. To get VFP, you must specify the FPU or have it implicit in the CPU.

ARMv7E-M adds a floating-point extension where only the VFP single-precision floating-point instructions are added to the instruction set.

NEON and VFP instructions, including the half-precision and fused multiply-add instructions, are treated as Undefined Instructions on systems that do not support the necessary architecture extension. Even on systems that support NEON and VFP, the instructions are undefined if the necessary coprocessors are not enabled in the Coprocessor Access Control Register (CP15 CPACR).

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