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Predeclared XScale register names

The following register names are predeclared when assembling for a Marvell XScale CPU:

Table 4. Predeclared XScale registers

Register name


acc0-acc7 and ACC0-ACC7

XScale accumulator registers

The following register names are predeclared when assembling for a Marvell XScale CPU with Wireless MMX:

Table 5. Predeclared Wireless MMX registers

Register name


wR0-wR15, wr0-wr15, and WR0-WR15

Wireless SIMD data registers (coprocesssor 0).

wC0-wC15, wc0-wc15, and WC0-WC15

Usable aliases for coprocessor 1 registers. Use of these aliases is not recommended.

wCID, wcid, and WCID

Coprocessor ID register (coprocessor 1 register c0).

wCon, wcon, and WCON

Control register (coprocessor 1 register c1).

wCSSF, wcssf, and WCSSF

Saturation SIMD flags (coprocessor 1 register c2).

wCASF, wcasf, and WCASF

Arithmetic SIMD flags (coprocessor 1 register c3).

wCGR0-wCGR3, wcgr0-wcgr3, and WCGR0-WCGR3

General purpose registers (coprocessor 1 registers c8 - c11).

The register names are case-sensitive and can be mixed case where this matches exactly the Wireless MMX Technology specification.

Control registers, ID register, general-purpose registers wCGR0 - wCGR3 and the SIMD flags map onto coprocessor 1. Use the Wireless MMX Technology instructions TMCR and TMRC to read and write to these registers. The coprocessor 1 registers c4-c7 and c12-c15 are reserved.

SIMD data registers (wR0 - wR15) map onto coprocessor 0 and hold 16x64-bit packed data. Use the Wireless MMX Technology pseudo-instructions TMRRC and TMCRR to move data between these registers and the ARM registers.

The assembler supports the WRN and WCN directives to specify your own register names.

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