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VFP hardware

There are several VFP architectures, which provide single and double-precision floating-point arithmetic.

The VFP hardware, together with associated support code, provides single-precision and double-precision floating-point arithmetic, as defined by ANSI/IEEE Std. 754-1985 IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic. This document is referred to as the IEEE 754 standard.

The VFP hardware uses a register bank that is distinct from the ARM core register bank.


The VFP register bank is shared with the NEON register bank.

Your processor might implement either the VFPv2, VFPv3, or VFPv4 architecture. There are variants of VFPv3 that differ in the number of accessible registers or differ in its support of the half-precision extension:

  • VFPv3.

  • VFPv3-D16.

  • VFPv3-FP16.

  • VFPv3-D16-FP16.

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