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Input section symbols

Input section symbols are generated by the linker for every input section present in the image.

The following table shows the input section symbols:

Table 8. Section-related symbols 
SymbolSection typeDescription
SectionName$$BaseInputAddress of the start of the consolidated section called SectionName.
SectionName$$LengthInputLength of the consolidated section called SectionName (in bytes).
SectionName$$LimitInputAddress of the byte beyond the end of the consolidated section called SectionName.

If your code refers to the input-section symbols, it is assumed that you expect all the input sections in the image with the same name to be placed contiguously in the image memory map.

If your scatter file places input sections non-contiguously, the linker issues an error. This is because the use of the base and limit symbols over non-contiguous memory usually produces unpredictable and undesirable effects.