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About GNU ld script support and restrictions

armlink supports the use of GNU ld scripts, but with some restrictions:

  • armlink implements a subset of the GNU ld script language

  • the subset is focused on support for ARM Linux and partial linking

  • Virtual Address (VMA) must equal Load Address (LMA)

  • bare-metal support is not supported in this release

  • the armlink --sysv command-line option uses an internal ld script. --sysv is also the default for the --arm_linux command-line option.

You specify an ld script with the armlink --linker_script ld_script command-line option, or the synonym command-line option -T ld_script.

Using ld scripts when linking images and shared objects

To link an image or shared object:

  • The --sysv or the --arm_linux option is are required.

  • Any unrecognized file is parsed as if it is an ld script.

  • All ELF images and shared objects produced by an ld script are demand paged. Use the --pagesize option to control the page size. The default is 0x8000.

Using ld scripts when linking partial objects

To link a partial object, you must use the armlink --ldpartial command-line option. The -r command-line option is a synonym for --ldpartial.