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Steering file command summary

The steering file commands are:

Table 9. Steering file command summary
EXPORTSpecifies that a symbol can be accessed by other shared objects or executables.
HIDEMakes defined global symbols in the symbol table anonymous.
IMPORTSpecifies that a symbol is defined in a shared object at runtime.
RENAMERenames defined and undefined global symbol names.
REQUIRECreates a DT_NEEDED tag in the dynamic array. DT_NEEDED tags specify dependencies to other shared objects used by the application, for example, a shared library.
RESOLVEMatches specific undefined references to a defined global symbol.
SHOWMakes global symbols visible. This command is useful if you want to make a specific symbol visible that is hidden using a HIDE command with a wildcard.


The steering file commands control only global symbols. Local symbols are not affected by any of these commands.