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Linker options for getting information about images

You can use following options to get information about how your image is generated by the linker:


Displays information about various topics.


Displays the image memory map, and contains the address and the size of each load region, execution region, and input section in the image, including linker-generated input sections. It also shows how RW data compression is applied.


Use with --map to change the display of the index column.


Outputs the command-line used by the linker.


Displays a list of each local and global symbol used in the link step, and its value.


Displays detailed information about the link operation, including the objects that are included and the libraries that contain them.


Displays a list of all cross-references between input sections.


Displays a list of all cross-references between input debug sections.

The information can be written to a file using the --list=filename option.