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Region name values when not scatter-loading

When scatter-loading is not used when linking, the linker uses default region name values.

If you are not using scatter-loading, the linker uses region name values of:

  • ER_XO, for an execute-only execution region, if present.

  • ER_RO, for the read-only execution region.

  • ER_RW, for the read-write execution region.

  • ER_ZI, for the zero-initialized execution region.

You can insert these names into the following symbols to obtain the required address:

  • Image$$ execution region symbols.

  • Load$$ execution region symbols.

For example, Load$$ER_RO$$Base.


  • The ZI output sections of an image are not created statically, but are automatically created dynamically at runtime. Therefore, there is no load address symbol for ZI output sections.

  • It is recommended that you use region-related symbols in preference to section-related symbols.

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