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--datacompressor=opt linker option

Enables you to specify one of the supplied algorithms for RW data compression.

--datacompressor= opt

Where opt is one of the following:


Enables RW data compression to minimize ROM size.


Disables RW data compression.


Lists the data compressors available to the linker.


A data compression algorithm:

Table 1. Data compressor algorithms
id Compression algorithm
0 run-length encoding
1 run-length encoding, with LZ77 on small-repeats
2 complex LZ77 compression

Specifying a compressor adds a decompressor to the code area. If the final image does not have compressed data, the decompressor is not added.


If you do not specify a data compression algorithm, the linker chooses the most appropriate one for you automatically. In general, it is not necessary to override this choice.


The default is --datacompressor=on.

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