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Typical use cases for using ld scripts with armlink

These are typical use cases for using ld scripts with armlink.

Wrapping libraries

Some libraries have a dynamic and static part. An ld script loads both libraries in the correct order with the INPUT command, for example:


This script instructs the linker to load libstatic.a then

Partial linking with the --ldpartial option

An ld script can be given to control how the linker combines sections, for example:

    .text :0

This script instructs the linker to combine mysection and all the .text sections into a single .text output section.

Fine control over an ARM linux link

You might want to combine sections together in a different order to that given by the default linker script. Also, you might want the linker to define symbols at specific addresses. This information can be given by a custom linker script.


To successfully produce a file that can be run on ARM Linux your image must include some output sections to contain the meta-data that the dynamic loader can use to load the file. It is recommended that you start with one of the example scripts and modify it to suit your purpose.