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Specifies default settings for use when creating ARM Linux applications.

Note ELF files produced with the --arm_linux option are demand-paged compliant.


The following default settings are automatically specified:

  • --add_needed.
  • --add_shared_references.
  • --no_as_needed.
  • --gnu_linker_defined_syms.
  • --keep=*(.init).
  • --keep=*(.init_array).
  • --keep=*(.fini).
  • --keep=*(.fini_array).
  • --linux_abitag=2.6.12.
  • --muldefweak.
  • --no_ref_cpp_init.
  • --no_scanlib.
  • --no_startup.
  • --pltgot_opts=weakrefs
  • --prelink_support.
  • --sysv.

When migrating from a toolchain earlier than RealView Compiler Tools (RVCT) v4.0, you can replace all these defaults with a single --arm_linux option.

To override any of the default settings, specify them separately after the --arm_linux option.


This option does not support scatter-loading.

ARM Linux support has been tested up to and including the CodeSourcery 2010q1 GNU tools release. Compatibility with later GNU tools is not guaranteed.

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