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Link time selection of the locale subsystem in the C library

The locale subsystem of the C library can be selected at link time or can be extended to be selectable at runtime. The following list describes the use of locale categories by the library:

  • The default implementation of each locale category is for the C locale. The library also provides an alternative, ISO8859-1 (Latin-1 alphabet) implementation of each locale category that you can select at link time.

  • Both the C and ISO8859-1 default implementations usually provide one locale for each category to select at runtime.

  • You can replace each locale category individually.

  • You can include as many locales in each category as you choose and you can name your locales as you choose.

  • Each locale category uses one word in the private static data of the library.

  • The locale category data is read-only and position independent.

  • scanf() forces the inclusion of the LC_CTYPE locale category, but in either of the default locales this adds only 260 bytes of read-only data to several kilobytes of code.