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About the fromelf image converter

The image conversion utility, fromelf, enables you to:

  • Process ARM ELF object and image files produced by the compiler, assembler, and linker.

  • Process all ELF files in an archive produced by armar, and output the processed files into another archive if required.

  • Convert ELF images into other formats that can be used by ROM tools or directly loaded into memory. The formats available are:

    • Plain binary

    • Motorola 32-bit S-record

    • Intel Hex-32

    • Byte oriented (Verilog Memory Model) hexadecimal

    • ELF. You can resave as ELF, for example, to remove debug information from an ELF image.

  • Protect Intellectual Property (IP) in images and objects that are delivered to third parties.

  • Display information about the input file, for example, disassembly output or symbol listings, to either stdout or a text file.


If your image is produced without debug information, fromelf cannot:

  • translate the image into other file formats

  • produce a meaningful disassembly listing.