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--linkview, --no_linkview

This option is deprecated.

This option controls the section-level view from the ELF image.

--no_linkview discards the section-level view and retains only the segment-level view (load time view). Discarding the section-level view eliminates:

  • the section header table

  • the section header string table

  • the string table

  • the symbol table

  • all debug sections.

All that is left in the output is the program header table and the program segments. According to the System V Application Binary Interface specification, these are all that a program loader can rely on being present in an ELF file.


The following restrictions apply:

  • you must use --elf with --linkview and --no_linkview

  • do not use the --no_linkview option with SysV images.


To get ELF format output for image.axf, enter:

fromelf --no_linkview --elf image.axf --output=image_nlk.axf

See also

Other information
  • System V Application Binary Interface - DRAFT - 17 December 2003 specification.