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ARM DS-5 Getting Started Guide : About Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)

About Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)

Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) targets enable development of software without the requirement for actual hardware. The functional behavior of an Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) is equivalent to real hardware from a programmers view.

When using an Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP), absolute timing accuracy is sacrificed to achieve fast simulated execution speed. This means that you can use a model for confirming software functionality, but you must not rely on the accuracy of cycle counts, low-level component interactions, or other hardware-specific behavior.

DS-5 provides several FVPs, covering a range of processors in the Cortex® family. You can also connect to a variety of other ARM® and third-party simulation models implementing CADI.

The executables are located in tools_directory. You can use them to run your applications from either the command-line or within Eclipse. See Installation directories for more information about various directories that are installed with DS-5.