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Creating a Streamline-enabled configuration

If you have not already set up an Eclipse workspace, either create a new one or use the default location.

Figure 1. The workspace launcher

The workspace launcher

If this is your first time opening the workspace, Eclipse for DS-5 displays the welcome screen. There is a lot of good information here to explore, but to get started, click on the Go to Workbench link.

If you have used this workspace before, your workbench is already open.

To create a run configuration:

  1. Make sure that you are in the DS-5 C/C++ perspective.

  2. Select Run → Run Configurations from the menu.

  3. Double-click on ARM Streamline in the list of available run configuration types on the left side of the window.

    Figure 2. The run configuration window

    The run configuration window

  4. Enter the configuration name in the Name field:

    Figure 3. Naming the configuration

    Naming the configuration

  5. Enter the name or IP address of your target in the Host field.

  6. Click Add Program button in the Program Images section.

  7. Navigate to the threads example directory.

  8. Select the threads executable.

  9. Click Open.

  10. Click Apply to save the settings.

  11. Close the new configuration.