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The Timeline view

After you have successfully generated a report, Streamline opens it automatically and displays the Timeline view.

Figure 8. The Timeline view

The Timeline view

Finding the threads execution window

The Timeline view shows you what the target was doing at every step. The bright red area in the [threads] row indicates that threads actively used a large percentage of time during this small window.

Figure 9. threads activity

threads activity


The Timeline view breaks up its data into bins, a unit of time defined by the unit drop down menu at the top of the view. For example, if the unit is set to 100ms, every point in the charts and every color-coded bin in the processes section represents trace data captured during a 100ms window.

The marker

Clicking anywhere in the graphs places the marker at that spot. The marker is a vertical line that bisects the graphs and overlays the exact values of each of the graphs for that bin.

Figure 10. Timeline marker

Timeline marker


At a glance, the Timeline view charts in our threads_001_001.apd example analysis file show that threads had a major impact on the Instruction and CPU workloads while it was active. Streamline collects data for the charts from hardware and software performance counter resources. The data is dependent on the type of system you use.

Figure 11. Timeline chart

Timeline chart

Common graphs include:

CPU Load

The percentage of the CPU time spent in system or user code.


A count of instructions executed.

Cache Miss

The number of cache misses in a particular cache level.


While the charts show you the overall performance of the system during profiling, the Processes section of the Timeline view shows you the active processes in each bin. The color code for the process and thread bars is:





Yellow to red

Responsible for some percentage of total instructions during this bin. Red indicates a higher percentage.

Notice that in the threads example, the bin is white, and all bins are bright red when threads is running.

Detail bars

The detail bars show the sampling points in the selected trace bin. Selecting a bar jumps you into the relevant context in the Call Paths view.

Figure 12. Timeline Detail Bar

Timeline Detail Bar