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Setting capture options

If you have not already set up an Eclipse workspace, either create a new one or use the default location.

Figure 1. The workspace launcher

The workspace launcher

If this is your first time opening the workspace, Eclipse for DS-5 displays the welcome screen. To get started, click on the Go to Workbench link. If you have used this workspace before, the workbench opens directly.

To edit capture settings and connect to the target:

  1. Make sure that you have the ARM Streamline Data view open.

    Figure 2. The ARM Streamline data view

    The ARM Streamline data view

    To open the ARM Streamline Data view, select Window → Show View → Other..., and choose it from the ARM Streamline folder.

  2. Click Change capture options, located in the upper right of the ARM Streamline Data view.

    Figure 3. The Change capture options button

    The Change capture options button

  3. Enter a name for the captured settings in the Name field:

    Figure 4. Naming the configuration

    Naming the configuration

  4. Enter the name or IP address of your target in the Address field.

  5. Click Add Program... to add any program images.

  6. Click Apply to save the settings.

  7. Close the Capture Options dialog box.