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Target connection issues

Each of the error messages provided by Streamline on a connection failure indicates a different issue:


You receive the following error message: Unable to connect to the gator daemon at your_target_address. Please verify you have installed the gator daemon on your target and it is running. Installation instructions can be found in: DS-5 root/arm/README_Streamline.txt


Make sure the Gator daemon is running on your target. Enter the following command in the shell of your target:

ps -d | grep gatord

If this command returns no results, gatord is not active. Start it by navigating to the directory that contains gatord and entering the following command:

sudo ./gatord &

Re-try connecting to the target.

If gator is active and you still receive the above error message, try disabling any firewalls on your host machine that might be interfering with communication between it and the target.


You receive the following error message: Unknown host


Make sure that you have correctly entered the name or IP address of the target in Address field. If you have entered a name, try an IP address instead.


You receive the following error message: Unable to launch. Only one instance of Streamline may be running on this machine. Please close all instances of Eclipse and try again.


Stop any other running Streamline session and re-try connecting to the target. If you cannot find another session, try closing Eclipse for DS-5, then re-starting it.

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