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ARM Streamline Data view toolbar options

The following controls are available in the toolbar of the ARM Streamline Data view:

Show Help

Opens a list of help topics for the ARM Streamline Data view in a Help view.


Deletes a stored Capture Data or Streamline Analysis report from the file system.


Refreshes the contents of the of the ARM Streamline Data view. If you have added Streamline files to any of your defined locations outside of Eclipse, use Refresh to sync this view.


Enter the IP address of your target here. This can also be defined in the Capture Options dialog box.

Edit Locations...

Opens the Analysis Data Locations dialog box that enables you define the folders on your file system that contain Streamline data.

Start Capture

Starts a capture session. Streamline uses your settings from the Capture Options dialog box. If you have not defined settings using the Capture Options dialog box, Streamline connects to the target at the address that you entered in the Address field using default values for each of the capture options.

Capture options

Opens the Capture Options dialog box. Use it to set the parameters of any future capture sessions.

Counter configuration

Opens the Counter Configuration dialog box. Use it to modify the performance counters tracked during your capture session.