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Opening the Counter Configuration dialog box

ARM Streamline uses a default best-fit of hardware performance counters to aid in the analysis of your applications, but you can modify them using the Counter Configuration dialog box, accessed through the ARM Streamline Data view.

To open the Capture Options dialog box:

  1. Make sure that you have the ARM Streamline Data view open.

    Figure 9. The ARM Streamline data view

    The ARM Streamline data view

    To open the ARM Streamline Data view, select Window → Show View → Other..., and choose it from the ARM Streamline folder.

  2. Click Counter Configuration, located in the upper right of the ARM Streamline Data view.

    Figure 10. The Counter Configuration button

    The Counter Configuration button


    To open the Counter Configuration dialog box, you must be able to the target so that Streamline can determine which counters are available for your specific hardware. Clicking Counter Configuration without properly specifying a target produces an error message.

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