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Filtering data and other Timeline view controls

The Timeline view provides a number of controls that enable you to customize your perspective. The caliper controls at the top of the Timeline view control filtering. The gray title boxes on the left of each chart and process are handles that you can use to drag and drop the charts and processes to re-order them in your preferred order. The marker control can be dragged left and right and even expanded to include a range of units.

Filtering using the caliper controls

The Timeline view contains calipers that you can use to set the specific window of time on which you want to focus. Streamline updates each of the report views based on where the in and out markers are set.

Figure 29. Using the calipers to filter

Using the calipers to filter

In the example shown in the figure, the caliper controls are used to narrow the focus of the report. Only data relevant to this interval appears in the other views, so the Code Paths, Functions, Code, Call Graph and Stack views update when you move the calipers.

Re-ordering charts and processes using the handle controls

Each chart and process has a rounded box on the left that contains the title, and in the case of charts, a color-coded key. You can also use these rounded bars, called handles, to drag and drop individual charts and processes into a preferred order.

Figure 30. Moving a chart using the handle control

Moving a chart using the handle control

To re-order a chart or process, click and drag the handle control, then release it where you want it placed. To hide a chart, drag it to the bottom of the charts and drag the divider bar up until it is hidden.

The cross-section marker

By default, the cross-section marker is inactive and the cross-section marker handle rests on the far left of the divider bar. To move the cross-section marker, click anywhere in charts or processes. The marker appears where you clicked and provides data specific to the bin where you placed it.

Figure 31. The cross-section marker

The cross-section marker

You can also stretch the marker using the handle in the divider bar that splits the charts and processes section. Click and drag on either that right or the left side of the handle to expand it. The information contained in the samples HUD relates only to the window of time defined by the current cross section marker.


Unlike the filter controls, moving and expanding the cross-section marker does not have an effect on the data in the other report views.

The divider

The divider bar that separates the charts from the processes section is also a control. Click and drag on the divider to change the proportion of the window that the charts and processes sections use. Drag the bar down to reveal more charts and drag the bar up to show more processes.

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