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Adding your categories to the events.xml file

For your counters to appear in the Counter Configuration dialog box in Streamline, you must define them in the events.xml file.

To add your counters to events.xml, follow these steps:


  1. Define how many counters exist in your custom set using the <counter_set name=”counter_name” count=”x”> tag. Give your counter a unique, descriptive name and enter how many counters are available for the count attribute. For example: <counter_set name="ARM_Cortex-A9_cnt" count="6"/>
  2. For each counter set, you must list each of the possible events. Define the event category using the <category> tag.
  3. Define the individual events for each event category, including all of the necessary attributes.


A basic event example:
<event event="0x01" title="Cache" name="Instruction refill" 
description="Instruction fetch that causes a refill of at least 
the level of instruction or unified cache closest to the processor"/>

A fixed event example:

<event counter="ARM_Cortex-A9_ccnt" title="Clock" name="Cycles" 
display="hertz" units="Hz" average_selection="yes" 
description="The number of core clock cycles"/>
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