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Getting L2C-310 memory-mapped peripherals working with Streamline

Streamline provides a file, gator_events_l2c-310.c, that you must make a small modification to and include in the build of gator, to get L2C-310 memory mapped peripherals working with Streamline.

Follow these steps to modify and add gator_events_l2c-310.c:


  1. Open the gator_events_l2c-310.c file located in the archive in .../gator/driver-src
  2. Find the gator_events_l2c310_probe function in gator_events_l2c-310.c
  3. Add the following #if statement to the existing #if statements in the gator_events_l2c310_probe function:
    #if defined(Your_Architecture)


    Replace Your_Architecture with the name of your architecture and L2C_310_Address with the physical address of your L2C-310 in hexadecimal.
  4. Rebuild the gator driver.
  5. Connect to your target.
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