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Code view toolbar options

The toolbar of the Code view is essential to its functionality. The disassembly button is the most critical, as it opens the disassembly section. Opening this section splits the view and provides a list all instructions associated with the current source file.

The toolbar of the Code view contains the following buttons:

Opens contextual help in Eclipse.
Disassembly View
Opens the disassembly panel. The disassembly panel takes up the bottom section of the Code view and shows the instructions associated with the source code.
Recently Selected Functions
Opens a drop-down menu that enables you to choose a recently selected function from a list. This selects the function in the code view.
Edit Source
Opens the source file in your preferred editor.
Opens a dialog box that enables you to search your file system to find the source file that matches the source code used during profiling. Use this button if the source file is missing or you've previously selected an out of sync source file.

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